Employee Info & Resources

Insurance Eligibility

Employees are eligible for insurance on the first of the month following two months of employment. Insurance enrollment packets will be sent out to employees by certified  mail prior to the first month of eligibility. Klaasmeyer Construction Company offers health, vision and dental insurance. Additionally, a small life insurance policy is provided along with health insurance enrollment.


401k Matching Eligibility


Klaasmeyer Construction Company has been committed to helping its employees by offering a great 401K plan.

Any employee over age 19 is eligible to participate in the plan after one year of active employment with a minimum of 1000 hours of service.

Klaasmeyer Construction Company currently makes a discretionary matching contribution based on eligible compensation you contribute to the plan. The discretionary match, subject to vesting requirements, is currently 100% of the first 2% and 50% on the next 4% of compensation an employee defers. In this way, an employee who elects to defer 6% of eligible earning will be eligible for a 4% employer discretionary matching contribution.

Aside from the generous employer match, the company now limits employees'plan expenses to the fund expenses for funds in which they choose to allocate their assets. Klaasmeyer Construction pays all recordkeeping fees and plan advisor fees associated with this plan.



Vacation Eligibility


After one full year of employment, employees are eligible for paid vacation. 

One year of employment = One week of paid vacation

Two years of employment = Two weeks of paid vacation

Five years of employment = Three weeks of paid vacation