Employee Info & Resources

Insurance Eligibility

Employees are eligible for insurance on the first of the month following two months of employment. Insurance enrollment packets will be sent out to employees by certified  mail prior to the first month of eligibility. Klaasmeyer Construction Company offers health, vision and dental insurance. Additionally, a small life insurance policy is provided along with health insurance enrollment.


401k Matching Eligibility


After one full year of employment, Klaasmeyer Construction Company begins matching half of all employee 401k contributions up to three percent of the employee's annual salary. For example, if the employee contributes one percent of their salary to their 401k, Klaasmeyer Construction will contribute a further one half percent. If the employee contributes six percent of their annual salary to their 401k, they will receive the maximum contribution of three percent from the company. 



Vacation Eligibility


After one full year of employment, employees are eligible for paid vacation. 

One year of employment = One week of paid vacation

Two years of employment = Two weeks of paid vacation

Five years of employment = Three weeks of paid vacation